Equity Learning is open for the summer!


Every student deserves a chance to achieve academic excellence.



Equity Learning offers students free online tutoring services with high school students. Though we specialize in K-6, we are happy to accept students from PreK 4 to high school. All tutors have high academic marks and strong scores in the subjects they teach.

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Equity Learning aims to reduce educational disparities and provide equitable access to education. All students are welcome to join our program free of cost and our tutors will be happy to assist in a multitude of subjects.


Our Testimonies

What our families love about Equity Learning 

I like Equity Learning because the tutors are very kind. If you don't get it they'll teach you again!"

-Egzi (4th grader) 

"The team is very responsive and patiently assisted me in booking a lesson when I didn’t understand it at first, explaining the process well and in a timely manner.  

Other organizations focus on money, but Equity Learning is free and the volunteers are even more organized than paid programs. They are very flexible with scheduling, which makes it convenient for parents."

-Ms. Ha, mother of Arsema (2nd grader) and Elizabeth (Kindergartener) 

"Equity Learning did a good job–not just a good job–an excellent one. My son understands everything and you helped him a lot.”

-Ms. Medley, mother of Abubakar (2nd grader) 

"Equity learning is doing a fantastic job. The tutors are very helpful and are academic role models for my child. I think they are able to connect to my child better because of the age difference. I hope he will be able to remember these sessions he had when he grows up."

-Ms. Begum, mother of Muhammad (3rd grader) and Umar (1st grader)

"Equity Learning is a gift that keeps on giving! The tutoring services (and mentorship that has simultaneously emerged) have been enriching to our children's academic and social-emotional experiences. Lessons have been skillfully designed and developmentally appropriate; and executed by tutors who are enthusiastic, engaging, and passionate. Our Kindergarten and 3rd grader happily anticipate scheduled sessions with Equity Learning's tutors, even opting to participate in sessions on days that their school classes are not in session. True to their name/ideals, Equity Learning offers an array of subject areas and scheduling options, a user-friendly website making sessions easy to book, and demonstrates culturally competent practices - promoting increased access to educational opportunity."

-Mrs. Roney, mother of Arin (3rd grader) and Autumn (Kindergartener) 


  • Please book your session at least 16 hours in advance so our tutors have time to prepare!

  • If English is not your preferred language of instruction, we have tutors that can teach in various languages

  • Default classes are 45 minutes but we are happy to adjust the time frame for each individual student.



Thanks for your submission! We will contact you within 48 hours :)